Gil Bruvel was born in Sydney, Australia in 1959 and moved to the south of France when he was four years old. He began drawing lessons at the young age of 9 as well as learning the basics of sculpture at the same time. By the age of 12, Gil had begun working with oil paintings and was greatly influenced by the local environment in France. Even as a child, he began exploring the unconscious mind which would evolve into many of his surrealist artworks years later.

A vast art education would prove to propel Bruvel’s artworks in very profound ways. Influenced greatly by his father who was a renowned cabinet maker, Gil began to learn the important lessons of precise construction and design and carried those skills into his artwork. Years later Bruvel’s artworks, specifically bronze, would be inspired by an education which also included furniture design. In 1974 Gil began studies at an art restoration workshop in Chateaurenart, France where he learned techniques of old and modern masters as well as art history from the 14th century to the 20th. Learning to restore ancient ceilings and frescos helped hone Bruvel’s skills as a painter.

In 1986 Gil started a studio in Provence, France and four years later moved to the United States. He has had great success with American audiences and continues to work in several mediums including painting, drawing, sculpture and jewelry. The precision with which he paints and sculpts is evident with the clarity and detail of his artworks.