M.J. Talbot is a British sculptor recognized for his impressive figurative artworks which are created in clay and then cast into small editions of bronze. The human form has inspired Talbot’s artwork and his meticulous detail and understanding of the body has catapulted him into becoming an artist with a penchant for traditional artistry, with a modern spin. Talbot is personally involved with patinating the sculptures, ensuring the utmost detail and final product is achieved by the artist himself.

Born in 1959 in Staffordshire, England, M.J. Talbot received a Bachelors of Arts in sculpture, earning a scholarship to London’s Royal Academy of Arts for his post grad studies. Winning the Landseer prize in 1983, Talbot went on to study at The Sir Henry Doulton Sculpture School. In the late 1990’s, M.J. Talbot was elected to become a member of the Royal Academy of British Sculptors and in 2012, he became a member of the National Sculpture Society.

The Royal Ballet Collection:

M.J Talbot has collaborated with the renowned Royal Ballet for the ‘Royal Ballet Collection’ which is inspired by the dancers of the company. The artist’s attention to detail and anatomical precision ensures that the dancers are captured for their poise and posture in his seminal Royal Ballet Collection. Working closely with the dancers, he measures their bodies as he sculpts the clay as the experienced eyes of the directors of the Royal Ballet make adjustments and recommendations on minute changes for the final work.

The Emergent Collection:

Talbot created a striking collection of female figures for the “Emergent Collection” that both evoke the great traditional sculpting masters while adding his own artistic spin on the classical female form. The artist first sculpted the figures in the round, fixing the pose and anatomy accurately before covering much of the form with fixed planes. The result is a mix of both modern and classical art, appealing to collectors of both genres.