Referral Fees for Active Art Buyers

RRFA Referral program

Do you know someone who collects investment-level fine art? Perhaps you walked into their home and they showed you their new collection of Andy Warhol “Marilyn Monroe” prints and their new Robert Indiana “LOVE” sculpture. How about your friend who just bought a big, beautiful home with lots of walls and a yard suitable for a sculpture garden? Perhaps it is your doctor, financial adviser, a favorite football player or movie star that you know well, your broker, lawyer, your mom or dad, or even your sister with who just won the lottery? We ALL know people who have homes that are suitable for great art.

Think about who YOU know.

Andy Warhol (1922-1987) Title: SUNDAY B MORNING MARILYN SUITE Size: 36x36 INCHES Medium: SCREENPRINT Description: Sunday B. Morning, 10 color screen-prints are printed on museum board with the highest quality archival inks. Each print is 36x36". They are stamped in blue ink, "Published by Sunday B. Morning" and "fill in your own signature," on verso. Published by Sunday B. Morning.

The lifeblood of what we do here at RRFA is built upon the referrals from people like YOU. This is why we have a generous referral fee for introductions which lead to successful transactions. While not every person you introduce us to will buy something, we have an incentive to make certain that you continue to send us more people. This is why YOU get 20% of whatever the gallery makes on a completed transaction initiated through your referral. As we have works from $5,000 to over $2Million, these referral fees can be quite hefty if you introduce us to someone who becomes active in buying through us.

Do you need to know about art? Not at all. In fact, in our experience, it is better not to have a liaison between us and the end buyer. It complicates the process and muddles the result. You simply provide an email introduction to both us and your contact and we do the rest. Provided we have their contact information and can use your name as a reference, we will work to make certain the referral purchases work from RRFA.

What if they buy… How do I know RRFA would pay the referral fee? Simple. We have several major incentives to do so, not the least of which is that your know your contact better than we do. We want you to speak kindly about us to them moving forward. The next point is that we should pay simply because you will work that much harder at locating viable leads for us in the future. The more we make, the more you would make. Simple passive income.

Who is RRFA looking for? Presently, our most active demographic for the purchase of our investment-level art is physicians, however we work with all manner of collector with the wherewithal and means to collect art. We have sold to Forbes and Fortune 500 members and kids who buy a Dali bronze with their Bar Mitzvah money. Bankers and brokers get their bonuses once a year. Doctors, lawyers, luxury sales specialists, movie stars, directors, producers, professional athletes, business owners, CEO’s, presidents, diplomats, professors… pretty much anyone who has an eye for art and a pocketbook that can buy what they like could be a client for RRFA.

Who is RRFA NOT looking for? We are looking for principals and decision-makers, not go-betweens, gatekeepers and/or representatives. If you do not know someone well enough to place us in direct contact, they are probably not a viable enough lead for us to make work. We will only end up annoying them and wasting time. Principal decision-makers are required. Also, while we often work with designers and decorators, they often leave the art selection to the principals of the home, so we would need to be in touch with the principals as well. (Of course, this opens the door for you designers out there to earn some extra for referring us directly to your clients too!)

THE PINK ORCHID EGG A CREATION BY THEO FABERGÉ. engine-turned and guilloché enameled in pristine white. Sterling silver orchid sprays, decorated with 24-karat gold and hand-enameled in pink, adorn the upper sides of the Egg. Each creation is numbered and bears Theo Fabergé’s signature. Height 18.5 cms Presentation in golden carriage-case Edition of 50 worldwide

How do I get started?
Think about who you know who may have the wherewithal and means to collect art and may have an interest in some of the works you see on If you think you may have a match who you know personally enough to send an introductory email to, introduce us to them via email with in the CC line. REMEMBER: If you do not know them well, it could be considered spam. This is not what we want. We want people with whom you have an existing relationship well enough that they would trust your word about us as viable dealers of fine art.

Beyond this… Put your thinking caps on and look through your address book. Think about who you know that might collect art and drop them a line.
We would love to hear from you about their interests and we would love to write you a check for a completed sale!

ANDY WARHOL (American, 1928-1987) “$” (1) (FS II.277) Size: 19.75x15.75 INCHES Year: 1982 Medium: Screen-print on Lenox Museum Board Edition: 60 Description: Edition of 60, 10 AP, 3 PP, 15 TP, signed and numbered in pencil. Each print is unique. Portfolio of six screen prints assembled in mixed variations. Printer: Rupert Jasen Smith, New York Publisher: Andy Warhol, New York