Frederick Hart's monument "The Herald"

The Herald (1992) Bronze, Edition of 6, Dimensions: 50” x 27.5” x 67.5”. edition of 6 plus 1 commissioned example. The regular edition is numbered in Arabic numerals. I/I of The Herald caps the pediment of the Newington-Cropsey Foundation Building, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY. Literature: Frederick Hart Sculptor, Brown, J. Carter, Wolfe, T. Hudson Hills Press 1994.…

Salvador Dali "Minotaur" bronze

New Acquisition:

Salvador Dali’s bronze “The Minotaur”

Salvador Dali (1904-1989)

Le Minotaure

Bronze edition of 499.

HGT: 42.5 Cm Tall.

Valsuani Fondeur.

Certificate from publisher via Galeria Surrealista S.A. (Barcelona)

Literature: Descharnes, Robert & Nicolas “Le Dur et le Mou” catalogue, pg. 260-261, Ref #669

Present value: $6,500.

PRICE: $4,500.