Snowden's "Genesis" now available from RRFA!

We have recently located a rare cache of bronzes from American Master M.L. Snowden (b. 1952) from a private seller. Among these masterworks is one of Snowden’s most important and poignant sculptures, “Genesis”, her allegorical retelling of how the Earth’s forces combine to create our mountains and topography. This work is immediately available and priced…

Billionaires find paintings as the ultimate safe haven for investment

from: LONDON (Commodity Online): The world’s billionaires have finally discovered the “ultimate safe haven” investments for their money! Now they’re actively shelling out fortunes to acquire “world-famous paintings,” which have officially outperformed all other investment asset classes — including stocks and bonds, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, real estate, commodities, currencies and even Gold…

The Red Bull

Artist: #DEMO (1960) Title: #RedBull/#ToroRojo. Size: H 115cm x 60cm x 80cm.

Are you a @RedBull fan? dEmo’s taxidermy told in various colors and his distinctive style. His whimsical works recall the major forces in modern Pop! art mixing the old with the new. Available in various colors.

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