The Red Bull

Artist: #DEMO (1960) Title: #RedBull/#ToroRojo. Size: H 115cm x 60cm x 80cm.

Are you a @RedBull fan? dEmo’s taxidermy told in various colors and his distinctive style. His whimsical works recall the major forces in modern Pop! art mixing the old with the new. Available in various colors.

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The Continuum of MacDonald and Cirque du Soleil

Weightless and sprightly, American master sculptor Richard MacDonald has long captured our collective imaginations with his caught-in-time sculptural glimpses of ballerinas, dancers, athletes and mimes. Each figure is typified by a lightness and fluidity which is unequaled in today’s sculptural world. This fascination with motion makes it understandable why MacDonald became enamored with the famed…