March 13 – 17, 2012
Miami, Florida

Over 200 artworks by 20th Century Master Salvador Dali were exhibited at the Moore Building in Miami’s Design District. One of the largest collections ever assembled in North America, the exhibition was curated by ROBIN RILE FINE ART and included over 200 pieces of artwork by Dali. A crowd of 22,000 people over five days saw original paintings, drawings, lithographs, sculptures, books, glassworks, movies and tapestries by the artist.


December 15, 2010
Coral Gables, Florida

Over 250 works of art were curated by ROBIN RILE FINE ART for the grand reopening of the Coral Gables Country Club. Artworks included sculptures, photography, paintings, and prints by Salvador Dali, Richard MacDonald, Anton, Bilodeau and a selection of works from students and professors at the University of Miami.


February 26-March 1, 2015
Miami, Florida

Aboard the Sea Fair Mega Yacht, ROBIN RILE FINE ART curated an exhibition of several original artworks by 20th Century Master Artists. The exhibit included an original painting by Salvador Dali, original watercolor by Pablo Picasso, original painting by Franz Kline and several sculptures by Salvador Dali.


December 2-6, 2009
Miami, Florida

Over 40 pieces of art were curated by ROBIN RILE FINE ART for a satellite exhibit in Miami Art Space during the week of Art Basel. The exhibition took place in the Miami Art Space where a consortium of artists and dealers showcased in the Wynwood Arts District of Miami, Florida. Artists exhibited by ROBIN RILE FINE ART during the five day event were Daniel Bilodeau, Viktorija Bulava, Salvador Dali, and Jack Dowd