D. Bilodeau (Canada)

D. Bilodeau’s paintings have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in galleries and museums throughout the United States and abroad, including the Franklin Mint Museum in Media, PA; the Peninsula Museum of Art in Belmont, CA; Citadel Museum in Canadian, TX; the University of Tampa, FL; and the East/West College of Medicine in Sarasota, FL Mr. Bilodeau is the recipient of numerous awards and honors including the George Sugarman Foundation Grant.

STYLE MAGAZINE- Brooksie Bergen- “D. Bilodeau’s brush with death proved to be a gift. While on an academic visit to Paris, he was mugged and stabbed, putting his career and very survival in question. Deprived of the ability to create artwork for the first time in his life, he recognized how important it was to him. With time and physical rehabilitation, and even though he had to work for a while with a cast, his skill as an artist returned in full. The incident, and the ensuing passion for working while incapacitated, convinced him that art would be his life’s work.

Bilodeau was born in Montreal, where he dreamed of becoming an artist while still a boy. As a young adult, he earned his BFA from the Ringling School of Art and Design, and later studied painting, drawing and art history at Studio Art Centers International in Florence, Italy.

As he continued to study and work, Bilodeau’s expression became what has been called a ‘reconciliation between the classical and the modern, as well as a foray into the sensory and the sensual.’ Bilodeau says he has been influenced by salon-based artists, ultra-modern fashion and fashion photography, contemporary graphic design and Japanese wood-block printmakers. All come together in his exquisitely rendered figurative and still life paintings as a comprehensive whole, ‘an experience of my visual ideal’ as he puts it.

There is meaning and intent in Bilodeau’s figural studies. The artist has a way with words, as well as with the paintings he renders, all richly discriptive. His artwork ‘explores the human sense of self and the balance between the pressures of daily life and our deeper spirituality. Between the mundane and the divine, the self and the Self.’”

“I freeze a moment of moving, splattered action and over the course of many hours I repaint what took two seconds to occur. I treat each work like a detailed portrait or a scientific illustration, and in doing so, I discover and pay homage to the emotional character of liquid color.” - D. Bilodeau