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The Sculptures of M. J Talbot

British sculptor M.J Talbot resonates with art collectors due, in part, to his profound understanding of the human body and unique juxtaposition of classical and modern figural motifs. Talbot’s meticulously detailed female forms pierce flat planes of bronze, simplifying, and almost masking the figure. His male forms freeze mid-flight, muscles taught in intense concentration. Talbot’s…

New Arman Sculptures Available for Purchase

ARMAN Arman is one of our most popular and enduring artists from the 20th Century. Born in Nice, France, in 1928, the French artist’s  enigmatic deconstructions and re-assemblages pioneered a fun and whimsical way of seeing known objects in an entirely new way, much like Cubism presented a new vision earlier in the century. We continually…

Force Décuplée

ARMAN (nee. Armand Fernandez, French-American 1928-2005)

Force Décuplée (1995)

Dimensions: 82.5 x 29.3 x 29.3 in (209.6 x 74.4 x 74.4 cm) (closed)

Vertically sliced black patinated bronze male torso re-welded with hinges.

Interactive (image of work is shown closed and open)

Edition of 5 + 3 EA

APA# 8312.95.009